Sorry! is on vacation -- the spammers got *way* ahead of me.

We'll be back on the air no sooner than mid 2018. I know I've been saying something like this for a while, but "This time for sure!" That is, this time, for sure, it should be no sooner than mid 2013. If the site starts giving you a login prompt or telling you that the site is not available temporarily, that's a good sign. It will indicate that I'm working on a new version. I hear good things about WordPress, and lthough I've got issues with PHP, it's *way* past time to get something up.

So for now, hang loose, save up the stories or mail them to me at (yes, you'll have to substitute something for the "-youknowwhat").

- Nat Howard

P.S. Thanks to Mr. M. A., of Virginia, for giving me a gentle kick in the pants about this.